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Museum quality Rembrandt museum quality Rubens museum quality Gustav Klimt
museum quality Leonardo Da Vinci museum quality Bouguereau museum quality Gustav Courbet und Andere
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Styles & Epochs        
        Styles & Epochs
Expressionism Impressionism Art Nouveau Abstract Cubism Pollock Style
Expressionismus Impressionismus Jugendstil Abstrakt Kubismus Pollock Style
Oil paintings by artist   
 Oil paintings by artist
August Macke Claude Monet Franz Marc Gustav Klimt Renoir Michelangelo
August Macke Claude Monet Franz Marc Zu Gustav Klimt Renoir Michaelangelo
Vincent Van Gogh Ernst Ludwig Kircher Amedeo Modigliani Caspar David Friedrich Franz von Stuck Other artist
Vincent Van Gogh Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Amedeo Modigliani Caspar David Friedrich Franz von Stuck Alte Meister
by design      
      by design
landscapes Mediterranean cities lighthouses beaches maritime ship
Landschaften Mediterrane Impression Staedte Leuchttuerme Straende Schiffe
Impressions of Cuba People & Portraits Act & nude paintings flowers & floral Animals Edition funny motifs
Cuba Impression Menschen Portraits Aktmalerei Blumen Blüten Tierwelt Edition Lustige Motive
Series Rustika Series Leonardo Series Caesar Series Macchiato Series Aquarello shadow gaps frames
Rustika Leonardo Caesar Macchiato Aquarello Schattenfugen
What is Art - Is Art definable ?*
„Art is the only one serious thing in the world. And the artist is the only one person who is never serious.“
„Quotation of Oscar Wilde (* 16. Oktober 1854 in Dublin; † 30. November 1900 in Paris) was a Irish writer source Wikipedia.



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